From Circle Of The Crone

Player: Kevin Talbot

Faction/Philosophy:The Path Material

Mentor: Julia Kincaid

Clan: Daeva

Positions: Master of Elysium in New York City, NY, he formerly held the same title in Hartford, CT


He bounces from club to club, party to party upon his return to New York. He considers, for a while, sobering up. But then his thoughts drift to his recent studies of the Left-Handed Tantra. The best way to transcend a vice is to sate it. Fully. Completely. He downs another drink and pops a few more oxy before looking for stronger stuff. - from the Angelo IC LJ[1]

Commonly Known Information:

By all reckoning, Angelo is a neonate of less than 10 years, whose first appearance in a Kindred Court was February of 2005, when he arrived in Hartford, alongside his sire, Samantha Iravna. If this it true, then its remarkable to consider the connections he has made since then. If it is not, then there is definitely more than meets the eye to this Daeva on the rise. Regardless of what you believe, its apparent that Angelo has taken to Kindred society and its games like a fish to water.

Angelo had been surrounded by a number of Acolytes since his Embrace, but wanted to take his time making the decision of which Covenant to join. The Carthians and the Ordo Dracul each had a shot at recruiting him, but he found himself leaning towards the Circle. Finally, a conversation with Shade led him in the direction of Moll White, who in turn put Angelo in contact with Julia Kincaid.

Kincaid's philosophy appealed to Angelo, and the neonate found himself moving from Chorus to Acolyte in short order. Since then, Angelo has been seen in impressive company on multiple occasions, with known associates among the Circle including Lady V, and Madame Akuete Latour.

Angelo is perhaps best known for his social excesses. His style of dress is over-the-top, his parties are wildly inappropriate for polite company, and he exudes an often uncomfortable degree of carnality. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll are an active part of Angelo's night-to-night routine.

Angelo has become severly embroiled in a situation in the North Eastern US involving a Lancea wash-out turned tyrant known as "The Treasure". When the Treasure kindnapped Felipe Saunier, Angelo's connections in the Circle and skills as something other than a degenerate and dilletente became more apparent to the Acolytes who assembled in New York City. That said, the Acolyte was still uncomfortable taking center stage in that particular mess.


Angelo resides in New York City, NY, maintains some interests in Hartford, CT, and travels frequently to Phoenix, AZ. He has also been known to visit the courts of Portsmouth, NH and Washington, D.C. among others.


"Felipe's gonna need a new haven when all is said and done, and there's a certain vicious symmetry to making the Treasure pay for it. Not to mention my new car, and replacing those very fine clothes his people ruined dragging me through the sewers. Maybe if we're feeling particularly petty, we could buy Vivian something nice..."

He chuckles lightly. Under his breath, the words escape "Emile, I have not yet begun to shit in your cornflakes."


- Angelo is a member of the di Milan family, and is more than just Kincaid's student.

- Angelo is not one of the di Milan, and his involvement with much of the line is a matter of coincidence.

- Angelo's growing connections and clout in the Circle of the Crone are a result of sexual liasons, not any actual merit on his part.

- Angelo left his position in Hartford in the midst of controversy. He tendered his resignation to Prince Antonitus St. George of the Invictus, but not until after he had already taken a position with Prince Kent of NYC. Within weeks of Angelo's resignation, Antonitus abdicated his praxis.

- Angelo's drug tolerance is so difficult to overcome, he only consumes his drugs directly, rather than through the blood of mortals. To do otherwise would risk a trail of overdoses.

- Cadeyrn, an Admired Alder of the Invictus, has described Angelo as "The Fornicator of the Acolytes" or "Fornicator of the Crone". Where exactly his knowledge of the neonate comes from, and why they arrived to the Daeva family meeting together in Tampa remain unclear.

- Angelo's lovers include high status members of all, or nearly all, Covenants.

If you have any rumors to add based on your experiences with Angelo, feel free to do so.

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